3 Scenarios An Interview Thank You Letter Can Land You The Job

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An interview thank you letter is a must, especially for remote job seekers.

A quick follow-up to say, “thanks for the interview” lets interviewers know you are genuinely grateful to discuss work from home jobs with them.

Plus, it shows appreciation for their time – a hot commodity these days.

However, many job seekers fail to follow up after an interview. This isn’t just bad manners. It can actually prevent you from receiving job offers.

Remember, remote job searches are difficult enough as is. Do everything you can to make it easier for you. And one of the simplest steps you can take is to write a follow up letter after your interview.

Your interview thank you letter also keeps your name “fresh” and memorable.

After all, deciding to hire between two strong candidates with similar skills and work history often boils down to the smallest details.

An interview thank you letter is a nice touch to put you ahead of the competition.

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How An Interview Thank You Letter Can Get You The Job

We already know it’s just plain good manners to send a thank you letter after an interview. But there’s more to it than that. This quick, one-page follow-up can boost your chances of getting a job offer. Here are three instances when your thank you letter can stack the job offer odds in your favor.

1. You Totally Blew A Question or Your Answer Wasn’t As Strong As It Could Have Been 

Interviews are nerve-racking. You can use tried and true phone interview tips or research how to ace the remote job interview. But, even still, our nerves get the best of us. And, in these cases, we have a tiny misstep.

Awkward, right? 

It can be, yes. But it doesn’t have to kill your job offer chances either. After all, you are human and your interviewer realizes this. So, even though you practiced answers to common remote interview questions, you might slip up and respond with something you regret as soon as it’s said. 

When this happens, don’t panic. Although you can’t reverse it and put the words back in your mouth you can do damage control. An interview thank you email is the perfect place to reshape your answer into a more favorable response.

Interview Thank You Letter Example: Reshaping Your Response

Let’s say the interviewer asked, “How would previous coworkers describe you?” 

Instead of confidently replying, “My coworkers would describe me as an enthusiastic team leader — someone who is equally willing to offer guidance as well as lend support.” You drew a blank and replied, “My coworkers might describe me as outgoing, talkative, and full of life.” Not a terrible answer, no, but definitely not a strong one. 

You go to work to, well, work. An interviewer doesn’t need to hear that you’re outgoing and gregarious. They want to know how you’re perceived as an employee and whether you might be a good fit within the organization. 

When you sit down to write your interview thank you letter, briefly go over the question and resulting answer you flubbed on. Mention that, while your coworkers may perceive you as outgoing and full of life, it’s because of how enthusiastic you are about working on teams and that you are always willing to lend a helping hand. Now the interviewer realizes that, yes, you are outgoing and it helps you appear readily accessible to your coworkers — much better than your original answer! 

Of course this is just one example. The bottom line is this: Reshape a bad answer into a better one using your interview thank you email. It can help the interviewer or hiring manager see you in a different (more favorable) light. 

2. You’re Neck And Neck With Another Candidate


The job market is competitive. It can be even more so for remote job seekers. Often, your interviewer is considering multiple candidates for a single position. Remember, when you make it to the interview phase you’re likely one of just four candidates remaining. 

In this case, an interview thank you letter edges out the competition – especially when you’re neck and neck with another candidate. Keep in mind, just 25% of job seekers follow up with a thank you letter. However, more than 80% of hiring managers use them to further evaluate candidates!  

Remember, it’s good manners to send a sincere thanks for being considered as a candidate. Plus, your politeness and willingness to go the extra mile can leave a lasting good impression. And this positivity can lead to a job offer, especially if your competition failed to send a follow up.

3. It Keeps Your Name At The Top Of Their List

Hiring personnel are busy people. They conduct interviews, field phone calls, and sort through countless resumes as they work to fill multiple positions. Sometimes, in all the chaos, it’s all too easy to forget about the dozens of candidates they’ve met with. This could very well be you! Recent research shows remote roles receive 7 times more applicants than in-person corporate positions!

Needless to say, you don’t want to be swallowed up in a sea of remote applicants. An easy way to stand out is – you guessed it – a remote interview thank you letter!

When your letter arrives in the hiring manager’s inbox, it jogs their memory. Now your name is “fresh” on their minds and more memorable than candidates who don’t follow up.

This positive recall is incredibly valuable when it comes time to for them to make a hiring decision. Plus, a personal letter provides another chance to interact with the interviewer. This added exposure makes you feel more familiar, and psychology tells us that people love familiarity!

Always, Always Write A Thank You Email After An Interview 

Besides being ultra polite, your thank you email can actually help you get the job offer. Use this short but powerful email to give your job offer chances a boost. Your email can help you fix any bad answers or strengthen weak ones, it helps you beat out the often stiff competition, and keeps your name on your interviewer’s mind. When done correctly, not only does your email make you look like someone the recruiter wants to work with, it can bolster your chances of getting hired. 

So, don’t neglect this simple yet effective interviewing tool. A strong thank you email can make or break your chances of finding a remote job. 



How an interview thank you letter helps you get more job offers.



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