The Patriot Revolution Against Woke Lawlessness Begins in Florida

Via State of the Nation

Governor Ron DeSantis Lays Down the Law—HARD!!!

“Our government is a government of
laws, not a government of men. And
what that means is that we govern
ourselves based on a constitutional
system and based on the rule of law.”
There is perhaps no greater executive initiative that Gov. Ron DeSantis has ever taken than the recent suspension of Hillsborough County’s utterly corrupt State Attorney Andrew Warren.
DeSantis Suspends Corrupt State’s Attorney Andrew Warren
for Pursuing His Own Woke Agenda (Video)

Warren is yet another rogue Soros-funded prosecutor whose primary purpose is to transform Tampa, Florida into a dystopian, crime-infested, post-apocalyptic wasteland.

After all, the destruction of America’s cities is the pivotal piece of a patently treasonous strategy around which the Democrat Party’s agenda of Cultural Marxism revolves.

First, the Democrats systematically destroy (politically, socially and economically) the major metropolitan areas in a targeted state; then they fan out across that state enacting the same devastating policies and unconstitutional laws at the local level.  In this way, ultra-liberal politicians are planted across the state, by funding from George Soros’ subversive foundations, who then radically liberalize all rules and regulation within the taken-over jurisdictions which advance their cataclysmic cultural marxist agenda.

KEY POINTS: Colorado is a classic case of the Democrat’s political takeover scheme at work.  First these communists took over Denver and Colorado Springs, then they quite stealthily took control of the rest of the once conservative state.  They are working the same game plan in Georgia by taking over Atlanta first and now moving furtively across the whole state.


Every Patriot needs to be acutely aware that the primary goal of this calamitous scheme to collapse the American Republic is to first irreparably tear the fabric of American society.  As crazy as it sounds, these transparently insane Demoncrats are purposefully sowing seeds of chaos, confusion and conflict everywhere and every way they can.  This  has actually become their well-known MO in all 50 states.

Once that objective has been sufficiently achieved, the Democrats will let loose their bolsheviks and insurrectionists, anarchists and terrorists, rioters and revolutionaries as they did during the 2020 summer of BLM/AntiFa riots across the USA.  That was a mere foreshadowing of what the communist-run Democrat Party has in store for the United States—a full-blown American bolshevik revolution (why do you think the border is kept wide open…for Democrat-paid mercenaries and terrorist cells to infiltrate U.S. cities).

KEY POINT: A close examination of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution will show the very same conspiratorial plot at work.  Prior to the bolshevik’s violent overthrow of the Tsarist monarchy in Moscow, the marxists manufactured massive amounts of chaos, mayhem and pandemonium in all of Russia’s largest cities.  The citizens were thrown into so much confusion they became quite easily manipulated to turn on their own government by anti-Russian bolsheviks.  Only in an environment marked by so much chaos could the common man be stampeded into the Red Army which went on to win the Russian Revolution for the banksters operating out of London, New York City and Frankfurt.


What Gov. DeSantis has just done by laying down the law in Florida is provide a stellar example of what MUST take place in the other 49 states.  However, this decisive establishment of the rule of law state by state must first begin — POST-HASTE — in the  other 28 states with Republican governors.  Once that happens, liberal voters will eventually see the catastrophic conditions in which they live, especially in the Democrat-controlled cities.  Then they will recall all the rogue Soros-supported prosecutors as they are beginning to do in both San Fransisco and Los Angeles.

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Only in this way will the pervasive and profound “chaos, confusion and conflict”, which now dominate America’s urban jungles, be reversed.  As Gov. DeSantis just stated in his press conference announcing the immediate removal of Andrew Warren:

“Our government is a government of
laws, not a government of men. And
what that means is that we govern
ourselves based on a constitutional
system and based on the rule of law.”




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